How is a Core Portfolio Created?

We believe investing is process driven, not product focused, and have developed strategies for all investor types. The universe of investment choices is astounding and narrowing those choices to the right mix begins with a sound financial plan which determines your risk and time horizon. These two core building blocks set the foundation for future investment decisions.

Once risk and time horizon are identified we can begin narrowing the investment choices and move to the second tier which takes a macroeconomics approach to the general market conditions. Based on market conditions we can include, exclude or replace investments as they become a factor. After reviewing macroeconomics we then look at more specific sectors which we believe will meet your objectives in the current and foreseen market conditions. The third tier will focus on specific investment analysis with biases towards tax efficiency, investment liquidity and internal costs of the investment. These are decisions that have a real impact now and in the future.

How We Construct the Right Portfolio For You