Developing & Navigating Your Financial Journey

Every clients path to retirement is unique – think of the financial planning experience at Core as you would a trip on an airplane. You may benefit from tailwinds or face storms along the path, but we are here to help navigate you through the journey.

Step 1

Discovery Meetings

During this first meeting our job is to listen more and talk less. We want to get to know the landscape of your life – financial and otherwise. We will talk about what you are currently invested in and what your expectations are moving forward. We will spend some time discussing your risk tolerance and your time horizon. You should bring all investment account statements to this first meeting. Although current investments are important, we need to focus on the entire picture, not just a slice. What tailwinds or storms exist in your life? Do you have education savings goals for your children? Are you looking to pay off your home or purchase a larger home? Is retirement at age 65 practical for your health and financial situation?

Discovery meetings are a time that allow you, as the potential client, to interview us and become familiar with our firm and the services we offer. Just as you are interviewing us, we are also interviewing you. We view this very much as a long term relationship and partnership that succeeds only if our goals and expectations are aligned.

Step 2

Financial Planning & Proposal

Based on discussions and conclusions from the Discovery Meetings, Core will determine the amount and depth of financial planning or tax strategies needed for your specific situation. In our planning role, our job is to examine the given quantitative and qualitative data to produce potential paths towards meeting your objectives. If appropriate, we also begin to look at the suitable investment strategies or vehicles that may help you reach your objectives.

After development of a Financial Plan, Core will make a recommendation to you for your financial plan. This may simply provide you a path forward or may involve supplemental services based on the complexities of your individual situation. This is a time for our clients to ask questions about strategies – transparent collaboration is critical to the chances of success.


Step 3

Navigating Your Financial Plan

Now that development of a Financial Plan has occurred, implementation of the plan sets you on your course. Depending on your phase of life, this plan will be periodically monitored and updated based upon the tailwinds or storms that may arise..

If your situation warrants, your Financial Plan may include an investment proposal to establish investment accounts at Core Wealth Advisors. Accounts are generally funded with a check or a direct transfer from your previous custodian to our custodian, Fidelity Investments. Once the funds are available at Fidelity we will begin implementing the investment plan we have designed for you. We will discuss the transition into the new plan with you, particularly if we need to monitor potential tax situations, dollar cost average or plan for supplemental services.

Step 4

Ongoing Financial Planning & Supplemental Services

We will continue to monitor and manage your Financial Plan and investments as economic conditions warrant or as you update us on changes to your life. While changes in the overall economy will impact your unique flight plan, choices you make such as major purchases, health, additional schooling, or marital status will also need to be factored in. It’s imperative that we monitor your Financial Plan and goals and make adjustments when your financial landscape changes or takes a different direction. We are here from accumulation phase of life to preservation and through distribution for any supplemental needs that develop.