Developing & Nurturing the Planning Experience

Every client is different, therefore every financial or retirement planning experience will be different. But we have found some consistencies over the years. A typical new client experience includes these four steps:
Step 1

Discovery Meetings

During this first meeting our job is to listen more and talk less. We want to get to know your financial situation. We will talk about what you are currently invested in and what your expectations are for this investment. We will spend some time discussing your risk tolerance and your time horizon. You should bring all investment account statements to this first meeting. We need to focus on the entire picture, not just a slice. Discovery meetings are a time that allow you, as the potential client, to interview us and become familiar with our firm and the services we offer. Just as you are interviewing us, we are also interviewing you. Neither you nor us would have a positive experience if our goals are not aligned. We view this very much as a partnership and long term relationship.  It’s critical before moving to step 2 that we all have a clear understanding of the investment process and investment philosophy.

Step 2

Financial Planning & Proposal

Based on discussions and conclusions from the Discovery meetings, we will determine the amount and depth of additional financial planning or tax strategies that need to take place. We will gather additional information and prepare a customized plan for your situation.  At this time (or after the conclusion of a financial plan) we will make a recommendation for your investment plan and any supplemental services.

Step 3

Investing with Core

Once you have approved the investment proposal the account is generally funded with a check or a direct transfer from your previous custodian to Fidelity Investments. Core Wealth Advisors will never accept direct payment to us. All funds and investments are held in your designated account at Fidelity Investments and any contributions to your account should be paid directly to Fidelity Investments.  Checks are usually available for investing as soon as they post to your account. If you are doing a transfer the process requires additional paperwork and typically takes 7-10 business days. Once the funds are available we will begin implementing the investment plan we have designed for you. We will discuss the transition to the new investment plan with you, particularly if we need to monitor potential tax situations or plan for supplemental services.

Step 4

Ongoing Financial Planning & Services

We will continue to monitor and manage the investments as economic conditions warrant. As important as economic conditions is your unique situation, and over a long period of time your circumstances will certainly change. It’s imperative that we monitor your financial plan and goals and make adjustments when your financial landscape changes or takes a different direction. We are here from accumulation to preservation and through distribution for any supplemental needs that develop.