Financial Planning

We believe you need to understand where you are before you know where you are going. If there is confusion and clutter in your financial life we will provide clarity by developing, monitoring and updating a financial plan throughout your lifetime. This crafted plan can be the roadmap used for all future decisions. As you wind your way through life, your Core plan will be updated and revised on an as needed basis to assure you are staying on the right path.

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Wealth Management & Planning

The Wealth Management & Planning process at Core Wealth Advisors combines the importance of asset allocation with the resources of a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER(CFP®), Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) to assist in the implementation and evolution of your plan.

Our approach to wealth management is designed with one thing in mind – accomplishing your goals with a planning based approach. We believe investment management is process driven, not product focused, with a primary emphasis on the importance of proper asset allocation. Asset allocation is the most important decision that will be made with your investments and serves as the core driver of your investment plan.

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Tax Planning & Consulting

Taxes are a reality of life and will always be a factor to deal with. Our objective is to make sure you are only paying your fair share and nothing more. The key to successfully reducing your tax liability is being proactive and planning for tax events well before they occur. We will work with you to defer income, reduce your estate and minimize your tax liabilities. We also understand the impact taxes can have on overall investment performance and we will strive to minimize taxes according to your unique situation.

Professional Athlete Services

Core’s Professional Athlete Services address the many unique and complex issues facing a professional athlete, including, but not limited to: multi-jurisdictional tax compliance, asset protection, wealth management and estate planning. Working with award winning professionals in Major League Baseball (MLB), National Football League (NFL), and National Basketball Association (NBA) since 1999 provides the perspective and experience to guide clients as they progress from draft day through the minor leagues to the major leagues and then finally post playing days.

In the early years, financial planning for professional athletes focuses on capital preservation to protect the signing bonus as life changing money in case of injury or career changes. Later, upon sufficient major league (or comparable) experience, the focus can shift to asset protection, asset accumulation, charitable foundations and estate/legacy planning for post playing days.

It is crucial for the professional athlete to seek counsel from financial professionals with significant experience as it relates directly to the many issues specifically facing professional athletes.  The team at Core Wealth Advisors currently works with over 80 current and former professional athletes in the sports of baseball, basketball and football providing a variety of family office type services.

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